Distribution of a
deburring tool
for CNC-machines
Gottfried Mattes Dipl.Ing(FH)
01896 Ohorn, Poststr. 21



1 - Base holders

There are 3 different holder types.
  • Standard
  • Standard with clamping surface
  • XL, for the use of much stronger springs

2 - Inserts

An Insert is choosen from the table below, and must be mounted in a holder. The inserts have an alignment into which the blade will be put. The bigger the bore diameter, the bigger the distance of the alignment to the appliance axis.

TypeBore diameter
E000,8 - 2,5
E052,5 - 3,5
E103,5 - 4,5
E154,5 - 5,5
E205,5 - 6,5
E256,5 - 7,5

3 - Blades

The blades are the consumable parts which one can renew. The durability depends on the workpiece material (approx. 5000 parts at average-hard steel). There are different sizes and forms available:
  • Regular form: one-sided sharp, only deburring of inside edges
  • Special form /B: on both sides sharp, deburring outside and inside
  • Special form /25: for cross-drilled holes into very tight through holes
TypeBore diameter
S080,8 - 1,0
S101,0 - 1,2
S121,2 - 1,5
S151,5 - 2,0
S202,0 - 2,5
S232,5 - 7,5

In addition, we can deliver special forms, which are adapted to a specific application.

4 - Springs

There are 8 types of springs.
4 for the standard holders and 4 for the XL holder.
The choice of the spring is vital for the deburring success.

TypeSpring force
F40low, standard
F50middle, standard
F55strong, standard
F63extra strong, standard
F63low, XL
F80middle, XL
F90strong, XL
F100extra strong, XL