Distribution of a
deburring tool
for CNC-machines
Gottfried Mattes Dipl.Ing(FH)
01896 Ohorn, Poststr. 21


Drill hole in plain areas

The simpliest case


Drill hole in vaulted areas

Like cross holes in pipes. To deburr very vaulted edges properly, you should use the special blade form /25.


Derburring beneath sides

It is possible to deburr drill holes witch are tight at a side, by adjusting the reach limit.


Example for the deburring of a 2.2mm drill hole workpiece material 11SMn30K

  • Configure the tool with the insert E00 and the blade S20 ( S20/B to deburr both edges )
  • Drive very fast to the outer drilled hole edge.
  • In case you wish to deburr the outer edge (special form /B ), drive forward with low feed until the outer blade edge comes free.
  • Then drive forward fast until the blade stock lies tight at the drilled hole side.
  • Drive back with low feed again until the outer blade edge comes free. then drive out very fast,
  • The deburring operation lasts approx. 3 seconds.