Distribution of a
deburring tool
for CNC-machines
Gottfried Mattes Dipl.Ing(FH)
01896 Ohorn, Poststr. 21

General description

This deburring tool was developed, in order to deburr inner drill hole edges in a simple manner.
In practice, it works very reliably and is in use by well-known companies.
It is possible to deburr either only the inside edge or both edges a single step.
The tool can be adjusted to any hole diameter from 0.8 mm up to 7.5 mm.
Cross-drilled holes can also be deburred easily.
The exchangeable blades are of carbid metal and have a long service live.
Using it in CNC machines, can save additional deburring operations and decrease the costs per part.
The method is protected in Germany under the patent number 103 57 404.
  • deburring of very small holes, already from 0.8 mm diameter
  • ideal for the deburring in series production
  • configurable to any hole diameter from 0.8 mm to 7.5 mm
  • very fast deburring process
  • simple tool change
  • usable in every machine (ideal for use into CNC machines)
  • solid, slim design
  • simple handling
  • low costs because of exchangeable consumable parts
The GMO deburrer is designed to easily remove burrs at very high speed.
For cases where it is not a question of speed but a very precise chamfer,
we have various carbide deburring cutters on offer.
deburring cutter
There is also a contour program with which you can set the positions of the milling cutter.
The milling cutters are extremely durable and have no problem even with difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel.